Do Winter Tyres Work?

winter tyres

We have been asked by a number of customers if ‘Winter’ tyres actually work better in cold weather conditions than normal tyres, and if they are worth purchasing.

Driving in a layer of fresh snow with ‘All Weather’ or ‘Winter’ tyres will certainly make a difference as the additional grip provided by these tyres will help prevent loss of traction. However, it’s much more likely that in the colder winter months, roads will have been treated or cleared so that driving conditions will result in a thinner layer of compacted snow or ice on the roads. In such conditions, you will find that you not only have additional grip but much more control over your vehicle.

Driving with normal or ‘Summer’ tyres in snow may result in not being able to get any traction on these road conditions, or worse still not being able to fully control your vehicle and drive in a straight line.

At Royston Motor Co, we strongly recommend that you consider fitting ‘Winter’ tyres if you are driving in the colder winter months. As a compromise, many customers choose to fit ‘All Weather’ tyres, which are a good year-round tyre choice. We can supply and fit a range of winter or all-weather cheap tyres to customers in Neath Port Talbot, so please get in touch!