Car Servicing – Why Is It So Important?

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We have many customers who question the importance of regular car servicing. Ultimately, it will make the biggest difference between your vehicle running smoothly and fuel efficiently, and the risk of break down and having to spend money on unexpected repair bills. Avoiding paying for regular servicing is a false economy – unexpected wear and tear requiring maintenance will fast become an expensive major fault requiring repair or even replacement.

Each car manufacturer and model will have a slightly different service schedule, usually based on your car’s mileage and age. You can usually find the service schedule within your vehicle’s user manual, or by searching online. We carry out different types of Car Servicing in Port Talbot depending on your requirements.

What Type of Service Does My Car Need?

There are two common types of service required for most vehicles on the road today:

Interim Service

Interim Service is usually a minor service with around 30-40 check points, including changes of oil and filters (depending on the mileage and manufacturer guidelines). We will check and change the tyre pressures, top up your clutch fluid and power steering reservoir, check your brake fluid levels, and fill your windscreen washers, if required.

We will also perform some checks on other parts of your car, and if these parts need repair or replacement, we will let you know in advance of carrying out any additional work and potentially incurring further costs.

You can book an Interim Car Service in Neath Port Talbot by calling us on 01639 886352.

Full Service

Our Full Service is a complete review of your vehicle and will include between 60-70 check points. The Full Service includes everyone that the Interim Service does, but also has some additional checks, top-ups, and changes, including items like your car’s air filter (based on mileage and vehicle usage). We will also check your coolant (or anti-freeze), gearbox fluid, clutch fluid, axle oil, spark plugs, and batteries. Depending on your specific vehicle manufacturer and model, these may vary according to their own guidelines.

Having a Full Service with Royston Motor Co means that we will perform an overall health check on your car, and if there are other faults found that need attention, we will let you know in advance. We can then discuss what additional work may be required to rectify the faults and the costs likely to be incurred.

You can book a Full Car Service in Neath Port Talbot by calling us on 01639 886352.